The new can of healthy preserves that triumphs in Mercadona: protein without fat

It is a quick source of vitamins and minerals, excellent for complementing dishes with essential nutrients.

Clam basket.

One of the food myths that we should definitely get rid of is the one that states that ‘only what is fresh is healthy’. The traditional canned food can be part of a well-balanced diet: a well-stocked pantry, in fact, will make it easier for us to reach nutritional goals when cooking. It is essential, however, to follow some rules: avoid processed foods -such as precooked stews-, those that use fats and oils as preservatives, and those that are salted.

Regulars to Mercadona interested in this type of product are in luck: the supermarket chain incorporates into its offer the natural white clams of the ‘Cono Sur’ brand. The producer is Conservas Dani SLU, based in Vilassa del Mar (Barcelona), which makes the preserve with molluscs from the Atlantic collected “during the first tides of autumn”, as explained on their website. The natural packaging implies that it only contains ‘clams, water and salt’, so the level of processing is the minimum possible: it does not add preservatives or colourings.

The drained weight of the product is 63 grams, and the nutritional values ​​of a 50 gram serving are interesting. It is a low-calorie food, with only 55 kcal for the amount described, with only 1.5 g of fat and two grams of carbohydrates. In return, the protein intake is considerable, at 17.5 grams, which is why clams are a recommended food for muscle gain diets. And what about salt, which after all is one of its three ingredients? The ration would only have 0.5 grams, a reasonable amount so as not to exceed the five grams per day set by the World Health Organization as a healthy limit.

But there are more reasons why taking raw clams is beneficial for your health. From the point of view of minerals, these molluscs are a rich source of zinc, a fundamental nutrient of which it is recommended to ingest about 15 mg daily. The human body is not capable of synthesizing it and diets low in zinc are related to growth retardation, metabolic and cardiovascular problems, and dermatological, hair and dental problems. 100 grams of clams help meet the goal with 7 milligrams of zinc.

The chrome is another of the minerals that we need to incorporate into our body through a balanced diet: an adult needs ingest between 25 and 35 micrograms per day to ensure healthy processes such as insulin sensitivity and support the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. Although found in a wider variety of foods, clams and mussels are particularly abundant, and beneficial for improving common health conditions among the general population such as prediabetes.

Man does not live on minerals alone: vitamin B12 is only obtained through foods of animal origin, and its deficiency is verified especially in elderly people, manifesting itself in alterations of the nervous and neurological system. The seafood in general they are food rich in vitamin B12 but, in particular, 90 grams of clams contain up to 84 mg of this nutrient, a more than convenient contribution to keep the deficit at bay. Finally, its important content in iron is useful against anemia, and its healthy omega-type acids are essential for maintaining health.

With all its benefits, excessive consumption of clams is not recommended for a number of factors. The first is the of heavy metals that inevitably contaminate fishery products: in the case of molluscs, attention must be paid to cadmium. The second is the ability of seafood for raise blood uric acid levels if eaten frequently. people with hyperuricemiathat is, with high levels of this compound, they should be cautious with their consumption.

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